The Forgotten Fashion Icon

As the NY Times puts it. Ann Bonfoey Taylor, nothing to do with the clothing line - Ann Taylor. Mrs Taylor was known for her beauty and love of sports. She dressed immaculately yet was also one of the most sports driven women. She was taught how to fly at age six by her father, hunted, played in Wimbledon and was also selected as an alternate on the Olympic women's ski team. She resided in Denver Colorado since she loved the outdoors, however she was also in the jet setting circle. Lucky girl. She hung around fabulous people, such as Diana Vreeland. Her son once said, when he would come home from school his mother would be dressed in her most glamorous dress just because she wanted to be. This woman sounds like she created the party and was known as an amazing hostess. I have two words for her: stunning and classic. I wish we had more women around like her.

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