Top 3 Hidden Bars in SF


Former home to Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. The original faces of Prohibition.
Jardin du Luxembourg - Paris, France

As a nod to my favorite era, Prohibition, and to somehow contain my excitement for the new movie, Live By Night, coming out tonight... I thought I would share with you the top 3 secret bars in San Francisco. Thanks to a killer article Daisy Barringer from Thriller wrote!

North Beach
Upstairs in Park Tavern
If you like: Downton Abbey

This place is for you! Vintage wallpaper, velvet sofas, a marble bar, that lovely old feeling one becomes nostalgic for and wished they were born in an earlier era. First be sure to check a private event is not going on then be certain to get in after 7pm and leave before you turn into a (stylish) pumpkin at midnight. 

Bourbon and Branch

Below Bourbon and Branch
If you like: Like, really like secrets and truth

You thought I was going to say Bourbon and Branch, didn't you? Well, since we are on the topic, this bar was illegally open from 1921-1933 during Prohibition, originally called "The Ipswitch - A Beverage Parlor" the first 2 years. Then in 1923, the bar was changed to "JJ Russell's Cigar Shop" under the new owner's name. Today known as "Bourbon and Branch", you are still able to access the incredibly hidden bar "Ipswitch" through a hatch door, that brings you downstairs. Sometimes not open to the public, be sweet and maybe someone will let you in. If Ipswitch is not open, Bourbon and Branch is next best! Call in advance as you may need a password. Legend is: The doorway marked "Ladies Room" once led to the street during Prohibition for all the women to escape when the cops showed up! Either way, a bar has been held at this location since 1867. Now that's history. 

Ipswitch, below Bourbon and Branch, ladies room to the right

North Beach again!
The Hidden Basement Bar to The Devil's Acre
If you like: Dimly Lit and Intimate

Walk into Devil's Acre, turn sharp right and down the staircase for Remedie. Another reservation needed joint, but hey 'if it was easy, everyone would do it go'! Small with great cocktails. There is not much written about this one, which makes the mystery alluring enough. Devil's Acre is $$$, so just do it, go downstairs. Do I really need to go on? Cheers!! (Side note: Devil's Acre has a very stylish, vintage, prohibition/NYC vibe - if Remedie is closed have a drink at The Devil's Acre. Very cool spot as a backup!)

. . .

Now, go grab the popcorn, get your ticket and enjoy the movie! Afterwards, go treat yo-self to a cocktail at your local speakeasy. Shh...... remember to order quietly and speak easy...

Official 'Live by Night' Trailer via YouTube

Wilson and Wilson, one more Speakeasy within the Speakeasy Bourbon and Branch
(Okay, okay I went over 3 places) Tip: A resi is a must



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