Plastic transformed into Fashion

#ERASEplastic with Sustainable Fashion

Plastic was created in the 50's, to everyone's happy surprise (at the time) this meant it will last FOREVER! But really, forever... and ever... and by 2050 plastic will out populate fish in the ocean. *Ugh*

Thankfully people are starting to care much more and are taking actions like recycling, building eco-friendly brands (or give back in a way they can) and one (MAJOR) step grander, clothing brands are now using recycled plastic to make fabric in everyday clothes!

Below are a few of these amazing companies that have come across my way so far. If there are more out there (I am sure and hopeful there are) please send them my way as I would love to add them to the list!

*below brands turn recycled plastic bottles into clothes - unless otherwise stated*

the OG --> Tom's
(with each purchase they give a child in need a pair of shoes)

Made from 35 renewed plastic bottles

3 recycled plastic bottles to one pair of denim!

Made from 100% post-consumer water bottles and recycled foam

Kate Hudson's new line Happy x Nature

Veja Shoes
(ecological, organic materials and fair trade sourcing)

Each shirt made from 12 recycled plastic bottles—and is also fully recyclable

100% recycled fiber made with discarded waste
 collected at landfills and oceans (think: fishing nets and fabric scraps)

Some of the yarn features Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is
made from recycled waste, intercepted from beaches and coastal
communities before it reaches the ocean.

...and for a pop of color.. Color the world lipsticks 
(vegan/cruelty free natural lipsticks that donate a portion to charity)

Now go ahead and treat YO-SELF while also supporting great brands ;)

Thank you to the companies above for caring enough to really do something and now make clothes that can maybe last longer.


**all images from the mentioned website**



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