Most Famous Style Icon - Coco Chanel - Deauville


 Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel opened her first hat store in 1910 on 21 Rue Cambon, Paris called 'Chanel Modes' but it wasn't until Deauville when she really opened shop and shined! With help from 'Boy' Chapel on the financing end (which she of course paid back), in 1913 she opened up 'Gabrielle Chanel' on Rue Gontaut-Biron in Deauville, also selling hats here but this truly became her first fashion boutique as it was the loose style of the men's wear in Deauville that caught her eye and she created the 'sporty sense of style' that would forever change fashion. Navy striped shirts, sailor pants, pajamas for the beach matched with pearls. It was in Deauville where she would first sell them.

Deauville was then and still now a chic resort beach town. I have heard it called the Hamptons of France. The most elite would holiday here throughout the 20th century. The location of Chanel's shop (as mentioned in the second video below) is completely accurate. It stood across from the grand Casino of Deauville and directly next to the elegant Normandy Barrière (hotel) - both of which are still there today.

The current address of the first Chanel shop (now called La Villa Homme)
11 avenue lucien barrière

 Normandy Architecture


Videos and info via Chanel-news



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