Palazzo Chupi - favorite building in NYC

 360 West 11th Street
New York NY 10014

Right off the west side highway on to west 11th street you cannot miss the hot pink Venice replica, actually a 12 story - 6 unit home. Allegedly some who have lived or bought here(and never moved in eh-hem Richard Gere) consists of Johnny Depp, Giselle when she was with Leonardo Di Caprio, Madonna and of course some Business Exec's. Julian Schnabel is the artistic mind behind this building. Built on top of an original horse stable (which is now used as his studio), he wanted a very Italian feel within this structure. Gorgeously and elegantly designed inside, along with incredible colorful art, it makes sense why the long time West Village locals were at first upset with the coming of this building. It clearly does not fit it with its hot pink exterior, but that is the beauty of it. Originally built in 1915, but reconverted in 2007.
*images from and info via manhattanscout



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