Oscar PR Girl aka Erika Bearman

The Oscar PR girl is 30 years old, married, living in NYC who hails from Long Island and her exact title: Oscar de la Renta's Director of Communications. I feel this woman is stylish, comes across as classy, outgoing and bubbly. She is also very smart, for the fact the the entire Twitter account with her company was her idea which she presented to the Chief Executive of OdlR LLC. She started with only tweets on the clothes until she learned her followers were very much enjoying the personal comments she would throw in the mix as well. This following I refer to, within just a few years new to Twitter, Mrs. Bearman is now up to 89,000 followers as of today. I also think her posts are very interesting, my favorite? When she shares facts about Oscar de la Renta in the early days... Check is out for yourself here OscarPRgirl.

Oscar PR girl herself (above and below)

Mrs. Bearman's comment "Oscar is having lunch with China Machado in his office (and I am googling her pictures). How gorgeous?"

A true drawing from Mr. de la Renta himself

Finally... Thee Oscar de la Renta via 1992

ALL Photos and info from OscarPRgirl, Standardluxe and WSJ



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