Tamara Mellon - Adventurous, Risky, Successful

The part that inspires me the most: the Business Plan for Jimmy Choo wasn't created until Tamara Mellon was 28 years old, which it was then presented to her father who became the number one investor and huge factor in the company until his death. A woman who came from money and married into money, when most women would have thrown in the hat, Mellon instead founded one of the most successful shoe brands nationwide today. Now living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her Daughter Minty, she continues to thrive with her business while diving into charity. Jimmy Choo Foundation. In her latest capsule collection of vintage shoes: called the Icons Collection, she recreated old designs of hers, jumping into the revamped basic pump. My favorite? Tippi.
(Tamara has on the Tippi above)

Small Bio: After working on the retail floor, she then worked at a PR firm, then in the London office of Mirabella magazine, and ended up at British Vogue in the accessories department before starting Jimmy Choo.
Tamara and her daughter Minty in her personal closet.

Images and Info from Harpers Bazaar and Jimmy Choo



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