DIANA - nix the bad reviews

Gracefully of course :) I could not wait and saw the movie last night. The film covers only the last two years of Princess Diana's life and mostly her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Personally speaking, this movie opened my eyes to a side of Diana's life I never realized before, that being the most famous woman in the world - especially during 1995-97.

Princess and Dr. Khan

The life of the famed. We know they are swarmed with photographers, untrue stories are told, they can't go into the public without someone bothering them.. however it gives you a more in depth look into that life. One that looked completely horrible from what I saw. It is going to sound silly, but they are human too - with problems, insecurities and fear. On a lighter note, the film also highlighted the lovely kind and caring heart we all knew and adored.

Diana stood in on a live surgery performed by Dr. Khan

Finally, the film makers also graced us with a taste of the fashion icon's wardrobe.. showing the auction the Princess hosted, upon request by her son Prince William - raising over 5 million! 

The trailer.. Enjoy!

Images from coventrytelegraphtelegraphmirror and video from youtube



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