The Phantom of Gay Street, an inside look

Please allow me to introduce you to Gay Street. Gay Street is a cozy and cute petite street in the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan - west of 6th Avenue and south of Christopher Street.

12 Gay Street
New York, NY 10014

This is one of the shortest and crooked streets downtown. Films and music videos have been filmed here. For example, in Butterfield 8 Elizabeth Taylor plays a Fashion Model who in one scene asks the cab driver to take her to 38 Horatio Street when in fact she is dropped off at 15 Gay Street. In my Icons Wanted Web Series I have supplied you with more fun facts. However, I am going to use this post to show you another - very unseen - side of Gay Street, #12 to be exact.

12 Gay St, on the left

This brick townhouse, built in 1827, is where the ghosts supposedly live today. Spectators claim to believe they are the former Mayor of NYC, Jimmy Walker and his mistress. However, I am bringing you inside to see exactly how it looks today.. because it looks NOTHING like you would suspect from the street view. Before having the wonderful and unexpected chance to go inside, from research and guessing - I thought there were maybeee 3 floors. One of which I knew was only a half floor, opening the living room in the back to have high ceilings.

Upon my surprise there are 5! floors, one even further below the basement (where the Pirate's Den Speakeasy once resided) and now holds a movie theater! The gorgeous details in the back of the house where the living room is, holds the same architecture as it once did in the 1800's! The top floor as been made into a huge stunning master bathroom and the one family home is more modern than ever expected. Thank you to my new friend for making my day :)

Please enjoy the pictures and rare glance inside...

The second floor/almost ground level, recognize the window on the right? That is the window where the ghost has been seen. 

Third floor, the view - more gorgeous story-filled townhouses

Top floor, sunny vibrant master bathroom

The top and bottom windows in the back, same look as from the beginning 

Home movie theater

12 Gay St via 1936, looks the same today..

Info, top and bottom image via: theboweryboyswikipediainfamousnewyorkrealestate and onthesetofnewyork



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