The REAL first macarons, Ladurée step back

 9 rue Guadet
33330 Saint-Emilion
We are very familiar with the fancy, colorful macaron's from Ladurée but did you know this was not the first company in France to produce macaron's? The first macaron's were created in Saint-Émilion, which is actually a town very well known for their wine, back in 1620 with a very secret macaron recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation that we are still able to enjoy. The very lucky few families that have held the "real" recipe, as the macaron factory say, still hold it as a secret today!! Their cookies are much more basic than Ladurée but I promise hold just as much taste if not better, whether you order them plain or with a chocolate filling - you will not be able to stop :) Try and visit this beautiful village to experience in person or you can buy online here too!
Welcome to lovely Saint-Émilion...



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