The Tasty Eater's Guide to Spain

 I was lucky to receive many tips while abroad. After testing most of them :) I would love to share my favorites with you!


Barcelona: Milk
I was told to get a White Russian, the potato pancakes, Salmon with crème fraiche and caviar dish...and let me tell you it was DELCIOUS! Also, the restaurant is located in the older part of Barcelona - El Gòtic - which is beautiful, the restaurant is very cute and the waiters were so so fun!

Salmon with crème fraiche and caviar

Madrid: La Gabinoteca
Tapas spot, but insanely unique and tasty. The best was the Dimsum, the El Potito - a potato, truffle and egg dish that you mix up yourself and the salty fish. My waiter was amazing, so sweet and helped me pick the best dishes.

The El Potito

The Dimsum and Spain's famous jamon and queso croquette

Oddly enough, once I arrived in Seville, I walked into this place since it was crowded with people that looked as though they were all having so much fun! As I entered and made friends with people at the bar, I quickly learned I walked into the spot that is known as the best tapas and a great time! I went back several times and each was better than the last visit.
Tip: order a Tinto de Verano - Summer Wine - wine with a splash of lemon soda... ahhh, so good :)

 New friends that were on their honeymoon!

First Bodega image via



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