Marilyn Monroe, How to: Live as our most famous starlet did in San Francisco


 First, one must find a baseball player and fall in love. Second, get married in his hometown by his childhood friend then lastly move into a newer house in the Marina by the Bay - exactly how Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio have done.

Leaving City Hall
Joe DiMaggio grew up in North Beach, what is known today as San Francisco's Little Italy. Being close to the Bay his dad became a fisherman. Joe's professional career happened by pure accident. His older brother, Vince, played for a local team when they were younger. Before one game was about to start they realized they needed another teammate as their shortstop dropped, Vince mentioned his younger brother. Vince ran home, grabbed Joe and the unbelievable talent was brought to life. Joe went from playing for the Seals, the local team, directly to the Yankees. An American Icon was born.
The Newlyweds Marina Home
Many years later in January 1954, Joe married the love of his life (and 2nd wife), Marilyn Monroe, in San Francisco's City Hall by his childhood buddy. Afterward they moved to the Marina, into a newer house that was built in 1937, located at 2150 Beach Street and still standing today.



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