Hidden Cafe and Cocktail Joint with Views

The Interval at Long Now

Fort Mason Center, Bldg A 
2 Marina Boulevard 
San Francisco, CA 94123


When you live in or even visit an area you love, it is easy to have a set routine of spots to go to. However, the best part of living in a crazy cool city is being surrounded by new and very different venues! 

Which brings me to: it's time to try somewhere new! If you are up to it, I have the next spot for you.

Whether looking for a humble cafe or fancy cocktail, The Interval is going to fill that void.

Coffees, cocktails, library, museum, home to a non-profit and if that isn't enough and more is absolutely needed... well then they also have a hidden, commonly missed side room open to all. This intimate room also has an amazing view of the bay, you would never guess this old military structure would have this inside!

After strolling the Marina and enjoying the visually colorful architecture, be sure not to skip this hidden gem that is tucked away in Fort Mason. It will not disappoint.

The Marina



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