Letting you in on a Sweet Portuguese Secret...!

When in Belém, or even before going to Lisbon, the locals and tourists will definitely tell you about an egg custard tart called Pastel de nata or Pastel de Belém. This delicious pastry was originated in Belém, Portugal and you can visit exactly where it was created! Anyone who fills you in will not let you leave Lisbon without going to Pasteis de Belém. In an effort to save the Monastery next door, this sweet tart was created and sold in 1837! Such a secret, that the true recipe is allegedly only known by 3 people on this earth! NOW, my point in sharing this...

If you want to enjoy one of these divine desserts for only 1 Euro each, which you really have no choice but to experience Lisbon the right way, then I will share my local tip with you! Each tourist goes to Belém, to this one pastry shop, see the long line, grab a coffee at the Starbucks close by (I know, don't get me started..) and wait in what can take up to 2 hours!! We were so lucky to find out that this is actually the line for TAKE OUT. Each sweet tooth partaker sadly just assumes this is the line and gets in. It is, but if you would like to see anything else that day then I suggest you follow our new friends tip. He told us, walk inside, past that very long line and ask to take a seat. There might be a line for this as well, but I did it and we sat down right away, within minutes! We then enjoyed 4 of these delicious tarts (HEY no judgement, I'm the one helping you do the same! :) ) a cafe, some sparkling water and relaxed our little feet while marveling at the adorable shop. Don't forget to take a peek in the bakery where you can see the tarts being made!! My friends, we thank this heavenly local for sharing this tip, so please I ask you do the same and spread the word, but only to those who you really love, haha. 



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