Leo's Oyster Bar

Any visitor of mine will experience Leo's Oyster Bar in San Francisco. 

This stylish downtown spot is not only next to another well known spot, NYC Chef and Owner - Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavernfamous for their fried chicken but is also a mini escape out of SF swapping the trolleys for palm leaves!

All three rooms are lovely, none will disappoint, however when making a reservation if it doesn't slip your mind - I would suggest requesting to sit in the middle room (past the bathrooms through the door that otherwise one would guess is the exit). Gold palm trees, green palm trees and white wicker chairs... oh, I am only getting started. 

Grab a delicious cocktail, of course a few oysters ($1 during Happy Hour) and what you MUST not skip..... a deviled egg. But this is no regular deviled egg. I know, I know - you do not eat these... believe me, I get it. The waiter and myself, with a combined forceful effort convinced my dad to order one. He never looked back. Haha ok that is going far but I don't know... maybe not?

Image via: the2fs

This deviled egg comes with a fried oyster and the perfect amount of spicy sauce on top. Next dish? Definitely the lobster roll, another one not to miss!





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