Grace Kelly

Oh no, I didn't forget her I just wanted to give her her own post. Think about the words, Classy, Lady, etiquette, polite, dream life, Princess, Actress, style, genuinely caring woman and you should be pin pointing the late Grace Kelly. Not only do I admire to be like her but her style was impeccable. Just like Chanel talks about style, it should be unique and noticeable but not sticking out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Which brings me to my latest fashion fetish, if you will, the gloves. Grace was known in MGM for being the girl that always wears gloves. White, tan, long, or short they are so classy and what would be more perfect for NYC then gloves!! To protect your hands from the dirty subways and looks so stylish at the same time. I just bought 4 pair and can't wait to wear them!!! Put with a perfect sundress and maybe some Jackie O sunglasses.... love it!!!!!!!!



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