In case you've been living in a box and yet you say you love fashion but don't know about the Sunday and Thursday style sections of The New York Times and don't read them religiously like myself then that's what I'm hear for, to fill you in. The latest style secret would be what was shown to us fashion lovers in the June 12th Thursday style section. This article discusses the cause and effect of the combination of the recession and extremely high price tags on designer clothes but yet how people still love living in luxury and how to make this love still work. So... why not recycle. At first you may think... eww, you want me to wear used clothes... haha but wait! Is everyone forgetting about the fabulous vintage boutiques?? When buying vintage you wear used clothes, you bring them back to life and look more fabulous then when first bought. Which brings me to the shops that resell designer clothes for 1/3 or a quarter of the price. Listed were 2 that us New Yorkers can visit. The first is Michael's located on 1041 Madison @79th street. I had the pleasure of visiting there today and I couldn't wait to spread the word. Not only was there plenty to chose from at amazing prices but also the staff was extremely nice and very informative. I found 4 items I loved, 1 including a Chanel flower to pin on but unfortunately had to pass due to limited bank accounts lol. I had to narrow it down to one item, and I am soo excited to wear them, the final choice was a pair of beautiful nude color snake skin strappy JIMMY CHOO heels for.................$150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which normally go for around $600 at least!!..and did I mention they are my first pair!! Thank you Michael's!! The second place which I decided to save for another day is more downtown in Chelsea, Fisch for the Hip located @153 west 18th street. They are said to have Marc Jacobs, Marni, Stella, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen to name a few. If anyone has had the chance to visit there please leave a comment telling me about it!! There was also a website for anyone from anywhere to visit, its called Again, please feel free to tell me all about it. Well that's it for now. Enjoy!!



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