The end of one marvelous chapter

As I end this chapter in my life, the Parisian journey, it makes me open my eyes even more and take a look at life and how incredible it can be. This idea formed years ago and actually came to life months ago. One piece I want to pass on, if you have a dream go for it. There will always be people who will support you and there will always be people against your dream then you will have the realists to make sure you do not fall completely off edge haha. If you really want something in life get it and don't take no for an answer. You will be truly surprised to see that once you open your mouth and start making it a reality what can come to life. I did not do this alone. From the people who helped me to those who supported me and the miracles that happened on the way. I truly could have never imagined the life I was lucky enough to live while in Paris. From the strangers to the new friends I will hold dear to my heart forever. From the magical macaroons and croissants to the times I discovered the gorgeous jardins I fell upon when not even looking. Paris is one special city that holds energy, kindness, appreciation for life and people like I have never seen before. From tracking down most of the Midnight in Paris filming locations(haha) to visiting every musée and exhibit possible. From riding a motorcycle so fast through the Louvre at night that I feared it would be my last day(for real) to watching a Gucci photo shoot in Place Dauphine while listening to three musicians practicing what sounded like the Midnight in Paris soundtrack while having un verre du vin rouge. From standing inside one of the most famous painters homes, Claude Monet, to standing where Grace Kelly married. France is a country that holds true to their people and offers the most stunning views that I truly do not have words to describe anymore. This journey is one that made me grow as a person, respect life and all around me even more and fall into complete disbelief at how gracious everyone has been, this was life changing. In closing Appreciate everyone for who they are and be kind to all that come your way for you never know if they will be an angel in disguise. This is a bittersweet time in my life, I do not want to say goodbye but for now, au revoir Paris.



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