Holly Golightly..Please!

We all fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, a role that was actually suppose to go to Marilyn Monroe first! The studio was nervous Ms. Hepburn wouldn't have enough sex appeal. How she fooled them. 

Below is the actual apt used in the movie, exterior only. The interior shots were filmed on a set in Hollywood unfortunately. However a good portion was filmed outside, so if you are in town and have some time make sure to pit stop at 169 East 71st Street. 

Fun fact: In the movie they used the address of 167 and lovely green/white awning was only a decoration for Ms. Golightly... Enjoy!

(thats me :) !) 

Fun fact about the party scene: The director Blake Edwards did not write a script for this scene. Instead he decided to put the characters and actually a bunch of his friends in a room and told them to have a real party! They filmed for four days and used the best footage given. 
...Maybe giving a few people some fun ideas :)

Bottom 2 pictures via: Dailymail



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