The last privately owned mansion on 5th ave...

1009 5th Avenue
 New York, NY 10028

1009 Fifth avenue. Built in 1901, two architects decided to construct four townhouses in a row starting on East 82nd street heading south on Fifth avenue. Washington Duke made a fortune off of tobacco in the late 1800's along with his two sons. Washington and his wife were the first owners of 1009, years later passing it down to their son Benjamin and his wife. In the mid 1900's as Benjamin and his wife passed their daughter, Mary, and her husband took over ownership to protect this house from being taken down and keep in their family. Renovating it but keeping the original exterior look in 1974 Mary finally reserved the home as a NYC historical landmark. The front door is on 82nd street, however the address was made sure to be Fifth Avenue to remain affluent. When sold by the Duke family in 2006, selling for $40 million it became the highest price tag to date then. Realtors mentioned there are so many bedrooms they have lost count, across from The Met and on a gorgeous tree lined block this sure is a landmark to check out...

Photos from Prop Go Luxury and Gilded Gossip



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