I wish I was Annette Hoyt Flanders

185 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014

No idea who she is? I didn't either until about 30 minutes ago..

Grounds designed by Annette Hoyt Flanders -  Sunken Orchard

She lived in France while serving with the American Red Cross during World War I and studied design, architecture and architectural history at the Sorbonne (earning her B.A. in Botany earlier). Annette’s accomplishments did not end there. After becoming famously known through the landscape architecture community, most recognized for the McCann Estate French Gardens [located in Oyster Bay, Long Island - called Sunken Orchard – pictured above], which in 1932 she received the Architectural League of New York’s Medal of Honor in Landscape Architecture. Later around 1922 she moved into one of my favorite buildings in Manhattan - 185 West 4th Street in Greenwich Village. Dayton in Manhattan described the exterior “like a slice of old London transplanted into New York". These two buildings have always made me so curious to knock on the door and become friends with the current owners (not creepy at all, I know). I am referring to 183-185 West 4th.  

No.185 on the left

As many did, no. 185 built in 1910 (the smaller of the two), first started out as a Carriage House belonging to townhouse owners on Washington Place - not too far away. In 1917 no. 185 was converted into a residence and construction started on no. 183 to be built into a “one floor studio with mezzanine.” Dayton in Manhattan filled us in that this smaller studio was owned and rented by numerous artists throughout the years.

It was in 1962 the wealthy art dealer Armand Hammer discovered both buildings and bought them in order to create a single family home. This was considered his downtown getaway home, in order to be close to the Jazz clubs - smart man ;) He owned the estate for four decades. In 2000, Mr. Hammer’s property was sold to a well-respected architect and designer couple. The couple decided to redesign the uniquely put together townhouse into a softer residential home while respecting the history of the village.

Today, the beautiful two part combined into one home has high ceilings, a fireplace and a private garden, also holds one bedroom. It is located in the heart of the village on West 4th Street between Barrow Street and Jones Street.



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