The Best Known Speakeasy...

...was Chumley's, named after its founder Lee Chumley - bought in 1926, established in 1928(up for debate since Wiki states 1922). Originally located at 86 Bedford in NYC's West Village and now gone.. My favorite facts: The new Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald had their wedding reception here! Also, "Posted on the walls of Chumley's were the covers of books supposedly worked on there" and finally the speakeasy was mentioned in Mad Men as "a place where the creative staff were going for after-work drinks". Formerly a "small two and one-half story structure", Lee had the front building and rear stable joined, then remodeling the front to look like a garage - the new unmarked location threw everyone off. So through the fake facade/Garden Door, through Pamela's Courtyard (and secret stairs to trip the police) and on to a historic pub and speakeasy liked by some of the most famous writers and artists from the Lost Generation Era. In 2007, the dining room chimney shattered, not surprising being that it was built back in 1831 and closed possibly be continued.

86 Bedford - where the known restaurant term '86!' was made

The former days

Scott and Zelda pictured in the top right

Chumley's in blue

Info via Sheila O'Malley and Wikipedia, photos via NY Dailynews



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