My favorite buildings designed by the same man??

Appreciating architecture definitely creates a few favorites... being in NYC I am lucky enough to see some of the best... I recently discovered one of my favorite architects was the designer of one of my first favorite buildings! The IAC building in the Meatpacking district was oddly also Frank Gehry's first visual gift to NYC:

"It’s been said that IAC Chairman Barry Diller suggested that his riverside headquarters have 'something to do with sailing up the Hudson' and, indeed, the building is the embodiment of that sense of motion and movement.'"

The waves give 'the impression of a tower whose shapes have been created by the strong blow of the wind'

The second favorite of Gehry's work is the Beekman Tower located at 8 Spruce Street in the Financial District. He wanted the waves in the building to look similar to our Statue of Liberty's skirt ripples.

Images and info from: Imamuseumm.dual-art



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