Has there been anyone as passionate as Hemingway was??

Sadly I fear the answer is, no. Fitzgerald is a very close second - but no one comes close that I can truly think of in our modern day. Lucky for us Hem fans - a documentary is now being made in Cuba (one of the first US films to be fully shot there since 1959). Even The Godfather Part II, set in Cuba was really shot in the Dominican Republic.

Ernest Hemingway

Minka Kelly.. Giovanni Ribisi.. even Mariel Hemingway, Ernest's great granddaughter, are appearing in the newest film, Papa. Appropriately named after the 'Nobel Prize-winning novelist's nickname'. Shot on the real locations where Hemingway lived, wrote and his favorite as well as infamous watering holes. Hemingway lived in Cuba from 1939 - 1960. Coming out in 2015, this is definitely a film I can not wait to see... as well as a trip I am dying to take!

Hemingway's Havana Home

Info and image from: hollywoodreporterprojectcastingwsj



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