Four facts on Henri Bendel, find out how Jackie O fits in...

Flagship New York Store
712 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10019
(Pictured below)

*Four facts I bet you didn't know about the fancy, gorgeous store that caters to New York's elite*

Did you know Henri Bendel's first shop was in the West Village and opened in 1895.

Did you know the 712 Fifth Avenue store was originally two landmark town houses (midtown location): the former Rizzoli Building and the Coty Building? Coty, once a perfume company, had the front of the building designed like a perfume bottle! Still this way today :)

Did you know it was in 1912 that the French glass designer, René Jules Lalique, installed his famous glass art designed in vines and flowers on select windows on the front of the Coty townhouse.

Did you know it was Jackie O who saved the gorgeous art work glass and petitioned to turn the Fifth Ave building into a landmark in 1991?? She has been the driving force behind saving several marvelous architecture buildings in NYC, including Grand Central Station as well.

Henri Bendel Fifth Avenue, NYC

The Lalique art work... 

Info via Blog.1800lighting.comnytimes, last two images via untappedcities



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