Sometimes skip the museum and go for a run - Napoli edition

Even the walk to the park is colorful and gorgeous.


While enjoying a wonderful dinner last night at La Cantina del Sole - a delicious recommendation from my dear friend Chloé - I was explaining to my friends about where my morning runs have been. Thinking I had it figured out my one friend said "no, no - go where all the Italians run" done. My lovely British/Irish local knew exactly what she was talking about and I in fact had it all wrong. Royal Park of Capodimonte is not only where it's at, which makes so much more sense as on my past runs I saw MAYBE 1 or 2 other runners - but this park is so stunning. Filled with palm trees, cobble stone paths laying in between 2 beautiful yellow and pink historic looking mansions - I knew I entered something amazing. Be sure to find time to visit this vision of a park for a walk or there is also a museum inside if you want to get that in too ;)
'sec. XVIII' states the park has been there since the 18th Century!




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