Carmel-by-the-Sea before you go!

 Mission Basilica

Carmel is much more than meets the eye. Visually stunning and packed with fun facts. Travel back in time with the small quaint beach town, fashioned with English Style homes and unique curlicue roofs.

Most of the city grew during the 1920's. Be sure to visit and ask about the Golden Bough Playhouse, as legend reads it was mysteriously burned down and then drive in the Carmel hills to gaze at the mansions tucked away.

Also, while grabbing a drink at Terry's Lounge in The Cypress Inn, research online about the story that links Terry, Doris Day's son, with the Charles Manson murders, shocking! 

Casanova, French and Italian Country food. Most delicious and romantic spot. Ask about Van Gogh's table ;)

The last fact I will share, because it is too fun to keep to myself. In 1983, in a mansion formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ghirardelli, The Playa Carmel became the 'birthplace of the Mac' during Steve Job's stay.



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