The City that Created Love and Passion


In an effort to combine Traveling Tuesday with today's National holiday of Love... I give you Spain. More specifically, Seville or properly pronounced Sevilla.

Spanish and Moorish Architecture

Spain is full of color, Hemingway, bull fights, delicious red wine, savory tapas, non stop wonderful architecture and from my experience the warmest and most interesting people.

The Spanish are full of love and passion. The carnation is Spain's national flower, the scientific name - Dianthus - translated means flower of the gods and according to Vogue 'Red carnations are a symbol of passion in Seville' that is all I need to hear :)

Which brings me to my next point, Passion. Passion in Seville is married with the Flamenco. The Flamenco was born, or created said differently, in Seville and it is the most wonderful, delicious, passionate dance of a man and a woman to witness. Especially if you have the chance to see it in the city of birth.

I was fortunate enough to see the show in person and being truthful with you, I had never felt more passion in my life up to that point. I was shaking and had to get it on film. So, with the help of a lovely stranger... my raw feelings after the show.

La Casa Del Flamenco



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