Chinatown Express

One schedule free Saturday, the sun checked in and its time to explore! Visiting or a local, this stroll will be new food for the eyes any way you do it!


With help from the new app Journy and working with Dave - he recommended many wonderful new ideas to discover San Francisco with a new lens! Below are a few places he mentioned, lets begin!

Brunch on top of a San Francisco Hill with views of the Trolley and have a wonderfully delicious meal at Mason Pacific. *Smoked Trout is the way to go*

Walking distance to Grant Street and Green Street, check out the colorful houses piling up on top of each other along the climbing hills or 101 Music for used records and simply a cool looking shop.

Continue down Grant Street to Chinatown, enjoy escaping California and truly feel you are in a different country on vacation. Check out Vital Tea-Leaf for a free tea tasting, learn a TON and be sold into leaving with your new favorite (or 3) tea!

A little further down Grant, enter another spot that feels foreign in the best way, at Far East. A 'Chinatown fixture...accompanied by old-school Oriental decor' with more delicious food!

Head over to Ross Alley, an off the beaten path side street that holds the first fortune cookie factory, correct - fortune cookies were not created in China! Get an intimate view of how they are made and take a few home with your own fortune :) Fun fact, HBO's Hemingway and Gellhorn was filmed all over San Francisco but also in this alley to appear as Shanghai, China!

Ross Alley

Fortune Cookie Factory

After, Columbus Avenue is the perfect ending destination. A famous bookstore, tons of wonderful restaurants and filled with history! Or the night has just begun... and as always, stop and explore new places on the way as well!

Columbus Avenue

The Saloon, oldest bar in San Francisco est. 1861



If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions, you’re more than welcome to send me an e-mail at: Thanks!