Spreckels and Danielle Steel Call This Place Home

Spreckels Mansion on the right, SF Bay straight ahead

Welcome to the former Spreckels Mansion aka Danielle Steel's now home. I attribute my research to Curbed SF's fantastic article, if you have the time I suggest you get comfy on the couch and get sucked into all the rich history that took place in this gorgeous mansion! 

For now, I will sum it up as best I can.

The Side Door

When a man is so smitten by his wife, what else would he do other than purchase land, move the houses that are currently there to new locations (strongly requested by his wife so family homes were not knocked down, so sweet) and build her a French Chateau. Meet the Spreckels Mansion. 

Let me start from the beginning.. 

Spreckels Mansion, 2080 Washington

While Mrs. Alma "great-grandmother to San Francisco" Spreckles traveled Europe for home furnishings, she was introduced to none other than Auguste Rodin, you know the most famous sculptor from Paris?? Meet "Big" Alma, she grew up in poverty, loved art, stood 6 feet tall, oh and was the model behind that lovely lady at the top of the Naval hero monument in Union Square, SF (Still there today).

This is how their love story began. Wealthy single Adolph Spreckels was in charge of the committee to find said model and after admiring/chasing her for 5 years, they finally married. 

Your Average Next Door Neighbor

Once the house was completed in 1912, parties for the most elite of San Francisco were held here along charitable support gatherings during WWI and a long time thrift store to help support the new museum (her idea) that was to hold all of Alma's art, which today is called, The Legion of Honor. The museum included many of Rodin's pieces Alma brought back from Paris for the World's Fair of 1915. His sculpture's are still on display there today. Alma lived in this mansion until her death in 1968.

Fast forward to Danielle Steel purchasing this home and besides adding the huge hedges for privacy, the highlighting fact is how Ms. Steel bought 25 parking permits for her guests when she throws a party. Thata girl.

View from Lafayette Park, completely worth a visit.

PS: I recommend reading the Curbed SF article to find out the story behind how Mr. Spreckels' father made his fortune.. very funny and I will give one hint.. it involved a poker game!

One remaining question, is the Airbnb Headquarters home to the former Spreckels Sugar Factory?? I have no idea, but dying to know... 



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