Secret Spot on the Other Side of the Tracks (or Bridge) - Meet Kirby Cove

Hidden, gorgeous views and a swing?!

That is correct. Meet Kirby Cove. 

Across the orange metal bridge and down the sand, through the trees you go :)


Boats, dogs and a running/hiking path down. What more could one ask for?

Hidden swing, usually a line but so worth the wait!

Once the Golden Gate Bridge is crossed from the San Francisco side, turn left into the Marin Highlands, away from Sausalito. Passing the overlook of the bridge, there will be a small path not to be missed which leads far, far down to the beach shown. Kirby Cove.

Pictured above, the view from the SF side, leading up to the GGB.

View of Kirby Cove from the GGB

On the other side. You made it!

The path down is a piece of cake, going back up is a bit of a challenge but you can do it.

Have fun! Bring water ;)



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