John Galliano

I will tell you why I just posted a picture of John Galliano. Simply because the absolutely adores fashion just as I do yet the difference in us is he is living it, grander. If that makes sense... I have to admit I am very lucky. Currently I actually am living it too but on a smaller scale. I get to visit New York every week and I get to express myself through clothes everyday and I intern in a Fashion PR Firm so I am surrounded by it constantly, when I am not reading about it or looking at different pieces/styles on my own I then get to work with it. So really the only difference is he is able to work with, touch, play with and wear couture. That is my dream To style with couture. But not for the reason that it is expensive, not the least. Is is because such an intense amount of thought has gone into each and every garment, how highly rare it is to see duplicates and the creation and passion that I cant even put into words that is behind it. But I am not worried I know one day I will be in that position.



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